Malice Domestic 2017

Malice is history for another year. I love getting to see all my mystery community family. It was a whirlwind weekend, and I really shirked my photography duties, so I'm relying a lot on pictures stolen from my friends. My apologies. But I will give credit.

My travel buddy, Mary Sutton AKA Liz Milliron had suffered a fall right after Easter and was still on crutches. So after we checked in, she retreated to her room and took a long nap. Meanwhile, my roommate, Joyce Tremel and I headed to the Bethesda Barnes and Noble where the Wicked Cozy bloggers had a panel.

They're a great group of ladies! And I recommend any and all of their books.

Afterward, we hiked another couple of blocks for a late dinner (and margaritas!) at Uncle Julio's before returning to the hotel to rest up for the official start of Malice on Friday.

I partnered with Joyce for Malice Go Round Friday morning.
(Thanks, Alice Loweecey for the photo!)

It's speed dating for authors. Twenty-one tables. Eight readers per table. Forty-two authors paired up, one pair per table. Each author has two minutes to talk about their books. After four minutes, the pair of authors move to the next table and repeat the process. It's exhausting, but fun!

The rest of the day, I attended panels including the one I'd been blessed to be on LAST year: Simply the Best with this year's Agatha nominees for Best Contemporary Novel.
(Left to right: Moderator, Shawn Reilly Simmons, Ellen Byron, Catriona McPherson, Barbara Ross, and Hank Phillippi Ryan. Not pictured: Louise Penny.)

And then there was the panel I'd been blessed to be on TWO years ago: New Kids on the Block with this year's Agatha nominees for Best First Novel.
My photos of the entire panel didn't turn out, but this is my good friend and fellow Henery Press "hen" Cynthia Kuhn with Rosemarie Keenan. Other nominees were Marla Cooper, Nadine Nettmann, and Vince Keenan (he and his wife, Rosemarie, are the writing team behind Renee Patrick).

Friday evening was opening ceremonies followed by the Henery Press cocktail party. I know there are photos of these events out there, but I didn't get any.

I did capture another Henery Press hen, Gretchen Archer, nominated for Best Short Story.

Saturday was Gretchen's panel of short story nominees.

And then MY panel--the most fitting panel for this farm gal--Rural Murder.

Left to right: Moderator extraordinaire Stephanie Jaye Evans, Shannon Baker, me, Anne Hillerman, and Carolyn Mulford. It was an awesome panel, and I was all fan girl over Anne Hillerman. Hopefully I didn't embarrass myself. Photo courtesy of Henery Press.

Later in the day was my book signing.
This is Dru Ann Love taking a photo of me while Eleanor Carwood Jones took a photo of her taking a photo of me.

And this is the photo Dru took:

The banquet Saturday night was fabulous (okay, the food was not). The best part was my pal Cynthia Kuhn won the Agatha for Best First Novel!

Sunday was the exhausting drive home where I was reunited with Kensi, who crawled into my tote bag after throwing all the contents out on the bed and declared I was not leaving her home with THE DAD again.


Celia Fowler said…
Thanks for sharing your time at Malice (and pictures) with us. It looks like it was a wonderful weekend! (Anne Hillerman - wow!)
Gretchen Archer said…
That's one happy kitty. Thanks for this, Annette. It was a great week.
Annette said…
Celia, that was MY reaction to learning I was on a panel with Anne too! I have to say, she was gracious and down-to-earth and extremely accessible. The part I didn't mention in the blog post was the moment when she brought HER COPY of Circle of Influence to my table to get it signed. SQUEEE!!!
Annette said…
You are so welcome, Gretchen! It was a great week (although I'm glad to be home, as I know you are!)
I hope to be there next year. Last year I sat next to Anne Hillerman at the Saturday night dinner. So excited and she generously distributed her book Soider Woman's Daughter to all of us at her table. Congrats to all the nominees and the winners.
Annette said…
Hope to see you there next year!

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