Back from Vacation

Okay, so it wasn’t the vacation of my dreams, but it did involve escaping the daily routine and changing the scenery for a few days. The old truck and camper made the trip to Presque Isle (Erie) and back without incident. Even with me behind the wheel. All in all, it wasn’t bad.

As you can see, the sunsets at Presque Isle are gorgeous.

Hubby and his broken foot were stuck at camp most of the time. He’d soak his foot, which has developed into quite a work of art…purple and blue and green and yellow…and I’d ride my bike.

We went on the pontoon boat tour out into the lagoons of Presque Isle together on Thursday. Here is a shot of some turtles in the lagoon, taking in the sun.

Yesterday, we explored downtown Erie courtesy of a new shuttle service. The rides are free and the buses look like old trolleys.

The remnants of Hurricane Ernesto caught up to us last night, but we’d planned on coming home this morning anyway, so we weren’t officially “rained out.”

I’d love to tell you I got a ton of writing done, but three pages doesn’t qualify as a ton in any sense of the word. Ah, well. I’m refreshed and rested. And isn’t that what a vacation is all about?


Anonymous said…
Great pics, Annette! I'm glad you got to go away.
Kristine said…
Three pages is a major accomplishment considering the beautiful surroundings and all the distractions of being on vacation. The important thing is that you got away and was able to rest. Now that you're home, you can get back to work. Don't feel guilty.

Great pictures!!

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