My Weekend

I had quite a busy weekend. Judith Lasater, one of my favorite people in the world, came to Pittsburgh to teach a yoga workshop. And Rebecca Drake, a friend and fellow Sister in Crime launched her first published thriller Don’t Be Afraid at a big bash at Mystery Lovers Bookshop.

The party was great. Elbow-to-elbow attendance, lots of food and drink and conversation. What could be better? Oh, yeah…and she sold out. Not to worry, more copies are on their way.

Here's a shot of me and Rebecca.

The rest of my weekend was devoted to yoga. If you are at all interested in yoga and you ever get a chance to study with Judith Lasater, grab it. She is wise and funny and generous. Not to mention a darned good yoga instructor. I admit to having a couple of AH HAH moments, both in my practice and in my ways of thinking. Judith offered us a number of challenges to try in our daily lives, the simplest of which is to simply pay attention to the person you’re talking to at the moment. If your husband or wife or child comes to you to talk or ask a question, put down what you’re doing and listen. LISTEN. What a concept! Turn away from the computer or the football game on TV and listen. Pay attention. Be present in the moment. Now, there’s an old chestnut of wisdom. But in today’s world of multi-tasking, how often do we really do that? Be wholly present on what’s happening now, what’s being said to you now, what you’re feeling now.

I don’t know that I’ll ever give up multi-tasking completely. I mean, some of my best plot ideas come to me while I’m driving down the road or scrubbing the toilet. But I am going to pay attention when the people in my life whom I care about want to talk to me. If my mom calls, I will go in the other room, away from the temptation of the computer, and talk with her. When a friend stops by to chat, I will stop putting the groceries away and I will give her my full attention.

Here’s a picture of four yoga chicks on the streets of Pittsburgh. That’s Judith on the bottom left and I’m right behind her.


paula said…
Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I'm reading Rebecca's book now and am not surprised it sold out. It's terrific! The next best thing will be so hear about your launch party.

Being in the moment isn't always easy, but well worth trying. Still, I'm like you. Sometimes, the best ideas come when I'm in the midst of many things.

Thanks for a great post!

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