Sport Shopping

I hate shopping.

Okay, several of my family members, avowed shopaholics, have just fainted dead away. Not to mention my friend, Glamgal, who no doubt thinks I should be committed for making statements like this. So let me explain. I hate shopping for things that you HAVE to have. Groceries. Household supplies. I mean, you spend all that money and next week you have to go out and do it again because the cupboards are bare.

But then there’s what I call Sport Shopping. No, I don’t mean going to Dick’s Sporting Goods, although for some, that might qualify. I mean Shopping for Sport. For fun. Alas, I don’t have the funds to do a lot of Sport BUYING, but really the shopping is the fun part. I think we all have our favorite stores for Sport Shopping. Here are a few of mine:

Macy’s. Admittedly, I have a love/hate relationship with this store. I love the clothes. LOVE them. Hate the prices. I have Porsche tastes on a Kia budget. There is a Ralph Lauren jacket that I visit every time I go into Macy’s. It is soooo me. And so NOT my wallet. My only hope is for it to go onto the clearance rack for 75% off. Unlikely. But I have found some great bargains on those sale racks, so I’ll include Macy’s in my favorite Sport Shopping stores list.

ANY book store. Of course, Mystery Lovers Bookshop is my favorite, but it takes me over an hour to get there, so I often settle for any port in a storm when I need a fix of that smell. You all know that smell. The book store smell. Isn’t it great? I can spend hours wandering around and browsing in a book store.

Same for office supply stores. I don’t know why, but I love exploring the aisles, seeking out new ways to clutter my desk with stuff. Or ooohing and aaahing over the desk organizer items to UN-clutter my desk. Even the aisle of paper clips and rubber bands fascinates me. Go figure.

Big hardware stores. I like the ones with the sample kitchens in the back. I dream of having a pantry with all those fold out shelves and Lazy Susans. I completely remodel my kitchen in my mind every time I look at those cherry wood cabinets and granite countertops. But I like to look at all the do-dads and gadgets, too. Even the ones I haven’t a clue what they’re for.

And finally, electronics stores. But not Best Buy. I’m boycotting Best Buy. So I go to Circuit City instead. I look at all the gizmos and doohickeys. I browse the DVD shelves for bargains on Robert Redford or Johnny Depp flicks.

What a way to spend a day.

So what are your favorite Sport Shopping spots?


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