One Week To Go

The Word Watchers Challenge is entering its final week! So how is everyone doing? We’ve all been busy. We’ve all faced various distractions, some more serious than others. But hopefully, we’ve all put some words on paper (or screen), which puts us further ahead than when we started.

So let’s check in, folks. Paula? Betty? How’s it going?

Jaye, you wanted to get 40 pages done? Any progress? Darlene, you’ve been swamped, I know. Did you get any writing done in between everything else?

And how are you doing, Ruby? I realize you were very hesitant about committing to any kind of numbers, so any added pages will count as progress.

Hey, Joyce, are you approaching you 175 page goal?

Debby? Kaylee? How about it?

Okay, I’ll start. My goal is 150 pages. I am now on page 107. I figure I will need to produce almost eight pages every day until next Sunday to reach my goal. It’s do-able, but I’ll be struggling, like the rest of you, to get those words down in spite of other obligations. The only thing that gives me hope is the fact that hubby’s foot seems well enough that he will still be able to go on his camping trip with “the guys” later this week. From Thursday on, I’ll be living on frozen dinners. The house will not be cleaned. I mean, why should I waste time cleaning when he’s going to come home Sunday and dump a pile of dirty laundry and stinky camping stuff in the middle of the living room floor? Next Monday, the challenge will be history and then I can clean house.

I also must confess I am looking forward to going back and FIXING stuff after the challenge. I’ve been blindly plugging ahead, knowing full well that this scene doesn’t work and that scene needs a major revamp. Keep writing. Keep writing. Keep writing.

Oh, and if you need a break, check out the new venture I’m involved in. Working Stiffs is a new blog that a bunch of us have put together. Nancy Martin, author of the Blackbird Sisters Mysteries, kicks things off for us. We’ll all be talking about our day jobs and an interesting assortment it is. I’ll be contributing every other Wednesday starting next week. Hope to see you there. I think it’s going to be a blast.


Paula Benson said…
Hi, Annette!

Congratulations on your pages and new ventures! Working Stiffs looks like it will be loads of fun.

As to my page count, I have 49 out of the projected 100, plus a few more that I haven't counted.

I'm still working toward the goal, as impossible as it might seem!

Joyce said…
Wow, you're really racking up those pages! I'm up to page 133, so I might make 150, which is okay by me.

Annette said…
Boy, you're all doing great! Way to go! And I've heard from Betty that she's completed her goal of 150 pages. I'm impressed!!!

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