Happy Thanksgiving!

Last Tuesday during my Thanksgiving gets no respect rant, I started my gratitude list as follows:

I’m grateful for a wonderful husband, a comfortable home that we own outright, two sweet furry little cats to cuddle. And news that my friend Mary Alice came through surgery for breast cancer with good lab results.

I’ve been working on adding to it. One thing I had hoped to add was good news regarding my kitty, Samantha who had a biopsy done on a growth removed from beneath her tongue during an otherwise routine dental cleaning. Unfortunately, that news wasn’t so good. We’re hoping that my vet got it all. He thinks he did. So I’m hanging on to that hope for now.

So here goes with a continuation of what I’m grateful for in my life this year.

A wonderful, compassionate veterinary staff, my 86 year old mom’s good health, the staff at the Health Center who give such excellent care to my Alzheimer’s ridden dad.

I’m grateful for a working furnace on cold nights and for family and friends.

I’m thankful for my writing buddies. I am thankful for my fellow Sisters (and Misters) in Crime and Pennwriters members, for my critique partners, both in person and online. I’m grateful for everyone who has helped me with my novel.

I’m grateful to have found an agent to represent my work.

I’m grateful to have found yoga and for the opportunity to share what I’ve learned with my students for whom I am also most thankful.

I’m grateful to have reconnected with my horsy roots this year and I’m grateful for the magnificent steeds I’ve had the honor of working with at the track this year. And for the fascinating people there.

I am thankful that I have someplace to go today for dinner. I am thankful for the noisy youngsters who will carry on our family traditions. I am thankful that my family all gets along.

And I am beyond-words thankful for you, my friends and readers. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


kathie said…
Hi Annette,
(I'll get your link on my site this weekend!) I love your post. It seems as though our lists of things to be grateful for are so long when we stop to think about it. I'll read down for the respect post!
kathie said…
Hi Again, Annette! I finally got you on the blogroll, but am still having trouble making categories for the links...hope your day is going well.

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