Office Project: Phase One

One of the reoccurring themes in my fiction writing is “letting go.” Accepting change and moving on. That’s probably because it’s become a reoccurring theme in my own life. I tend to get stuck and want to hang on to things as they are, simply because they’re comfortable. The known is always safer than the unknown.

But tomorrow I delve into letting go in a huge way.

I’m cleaning out my bedroom closet.

Actually, I started already. This morning I pulled all my clothes out that hang in there. It was like an archeological dig. I found several of those boxy, floral jackets with shoulder pads that were popular back in the ‘80’s. And to think I actually believed I looked good in those things! I also found a couple of cute dresses that I just don’t have the ambition to starve myself enough to get back into. I created quite a pile of stuff headed for the City Mission or Goodwill. Next, I have to get my husband AKA The Pack Rat to do the same. It could get ugly. Picture me in a tug of war with him over his old platform disco shoes.

So what does cleaning the bedroom closet have to do with my plans to create a home office in the spare room?

There is a natural order to these things. There is a ton of “stuff” in the spare room/walk-in closet/future office that has no home. Not all of it can be tossed. I’ve already done a lot of that. Now I’m down to the stuff that needs to stay, but where? So the plan of attack is as follows:

1. Clean out bedroom closet, put in organizer shelving and hangers purchased at Lowe’s, and, into some of the space created by throwing out old clothes and shoes, move other clothes from the spare room closet to the spanking new bedroom closet.

2. Once space has been created in spare room closet by moving stuff to bedroom closet, install more organizer shelving yet to be purchased at Lowe’s.

3. Move stuff from spare room floor into spanking new spare room closet.

4. Move office furniture and computer into former spare room/new office.

As you can see, this is not going to be a one day or even one week project. I’ll be thrilled if we get Phase One completed tomorrow.

Check back on Monday to see how it went. And who won the tug of war over those ugly platform disco shoes.


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