My Winter Project

Yesterday my husband and I had a rare day off to spend together. So of course we couldn’t decide what to do. There weren’t any movies playing that I wanted to see. He said it was too cold to go bike riding (although we decided later that it would have been fine).

We ended up at Lowe’s.

We’ve been talking for a couple of years now about organizing our closets. We live in a small log house with only two closets in the entire house. And since we’re both “collectors,” also known as Pack Rats, we have more stuff than we have storage space. The result is clutter. We figure if we can organize our closets, we might be able to fit more stuff in there instead of piling it in the middle of the spare room floor.

Our spare room has gone through several incarnations. It served as a large walk-in closet. Then we converted it to a sewing room/meditation room. Then it devolved back into a large walk-in closet again.

Now I’m determined to transform it into my office. Right now my office space is in one corner of my living room. It’s hard to focus on my writing when my hubby is watching TV ten feet away. Besides, the inevitable office paper clutter is overflowing into other areas of the house. I want to round it all up and corral it in one room. With a door. That I can shut.

The office is my winter project. And it’s a big one. Before I can do anything to the room, I need to throw out what can be tossed. I’ve already started that. I’ve been giving stuff away and pitching other stuff into the trash. But now I need a place to store things like the bulk size box of garbage bags and my lavender luggage. That means I need to clear out the closet in the spare room/future office. Some of the stuff in there can move into the bedroom closet if it was organized.

Hence, yesterday’s trip to Lowe’s. We bought shelves and drawers and rails for the bedroom closet. Once we get that done, we’ll go back and buy more for the spare room closet. Then comes the mountainous job of clearing the center of the room and moving furniture.

It may very well take until spring.

Here’s the before shot. I’ll keep you apprised of the progress.


Kristine said…
You can do it, Annette, and just think about how wonderful it will be once it's finished. Being able to shut the door (figuratively and literally) is a big plus.

P.S. I love the lavender luggage. Very cool!
JLB said…
Good luck with your project Annette! Clearing clutter always makes me feel like a new woman.

By the by, if you find useable items that you want to give away, you might like Freecycle:

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