Christmas Parties-Part 2

Someone is watching out for me so far this winter. We’ve had snow on Monday, Wednesday, and now today, but on Tuesday for Mom’s haircut—no snow. And yesterday, for the Pennwriters Christmas Lunch that I had planned—no snow.

Well, all right, there was snow on the ground, but none falling from the sky. In fact, the sun came out yesterday and made for a beautiful, if brisk, day.

This was our third year of having our Christmas party at Tambellini’s Restaurant in Bridgeville. Good service, good food, good company, good conversation. What more could you want?

It was also the third year of doing a book exchange AND swap. Everyone brings a wrapped book and everyone draws a number from a bag. Number one goes first and opens their gift. Number two then opens their gift which they can keep or choose to trade for one that’s already been opened. And on down the line. After it’s all done, the person who had drawn number one gets to swap for ANY of the books. It’s all in good fun and sometimes gets a little devilish.

I almost always choose to swap, just because that’s part of the fun. But this year the book I unwrapped was titled Latin Quips at Your Fingertips by Rose Williams. With such witticisms as “Death is unavoidable; let’s have a drink” and “Everyone lives; not everyone deserves to” I decided I had to keep it.

Don’t be surprised if my next novel has a character who quotes Latin.


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