Holiday Lull

I continue to muddle along with no Internet service at home. I’m sure I’m becoming quite the pain to family and friends, asking “Do you mind if I use your computer to check my e-mail?” And today I once again sit at Panera Bread to post this. My home Internet may not be restored until after the first of the year now.

In the meantime, I’ve been enjoying the holidays. We made the rounds of family and friends on Christmas Eve. And we spent Christmas afternoon with four generations of family members at my nephew and niece’s home. The big source of entertainment there was their new Wii system. Watching everyone try their hand at virtual bowling didn’t make me want one of these fancy computerized games, but it did make me long to dig my old bowling ball out of the basement and hit the lanes for real. It’s probably been a decade (at least) since I threw my last gutter ball. I was on a league YEARS ago and earned a trophy for most improved score. Which said more about how bad I was when I began than how good I was later.

With another week before yoga classes start up again at the center and possibly another week before my new Internet satellite dish gets installed, I’m making plans to give the house a good cleaning. Start 2008 with no clutter and minimal killer dust bunnies lurking behind and under furniture.

As far as writing goes, I’ve “finished” the short story I’ve been struggling with. I may give it one more quick once over before the weekend, when I’ll be back at Panera to submit it online.

Basically, life is rather quiet at the moment. I’m doing some reading. And I’m making lots of mental notes for a new novel that I plan to begin in the New Year. But as 2007 winds down, I’m grateful for the lull.

I’ll also be grateful when I can connect to the outside world from home instead of Panera.

By the way, I’ve also posted today to Working Stiffs (with a little help from my friends), so click here to read about my new toy.


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