Let it Snow

Winter has descended on southwestern Pennsylvania in the form of soft, silent snow. And this morning, my thoughts are “Let it snow!”

It snowed on Monday, too, but the winds were worse than the flakes. I hear the roads were treacherous further north, but here, not so bad. I thought I was going to have to drag Mom out into it with her walker to see her PCP (as in REGULAR doctor) to get a prescription for one of the meds she was placed on during her ordeal. Thankfully, the doc simply called the script into the local pharmacy, so I didn’t have to deal with taking her out into the cold.

No. We did that yesterday instead. But it was for a good cause. Mom got her hair cut for the first time since July. She’s been looking a little scruffy and was eagerly anticipating the trip to the beauty shop. Thankfully, the snow and wind let up for the afternoon. The sun even made a valiant, if only partially successful, effort at putting in an appearance. After the cut, Mom pronounced that she feels human again.

Now she doesn’t have to go back out until her next appointment with Dr. Ray in two weeks.

And it’s snowing. I’m talking serious snow. Picturesque, Christmas-card-type snow. The kind that’s pretty until you have to shovel it. Which isn’t the case yet. So for now, I’m content to sit in front of my computer and get some writing done between jaunts across the yard in my Muck Boots to check on Mom.

However, tonight I have a yoga class to teach. Hopefully, the road crews will have things in good shape by then. Hey, I have winter tires on the front of my little car (which has been starting just fine, thank you very much), so I’m good to go as long as we’re talking snow and not ice.

By the way, I’m taking a day off from my regular Wednesday slot at Working Stiffs to make space for guest blogger Kathleen George. She’s a terrific mystery writer from Pittsburgh who has a new book coming out next week. I will return to Working Stiffs next Wednesday at my regularly scheduled time.


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