While I was Gone...

I am happy (thrilled, actually) to report that I am once again a member of cyberspace. I have a new LARGE satellite dish attached to the back of my house and a new service provider.

I’ve concluded that the Internet is like so many of the things we take for granted these days. We never think about all that electricity does for us until a power outage hits. Same with the Internet. So here is a list of some of the things I missed while my connection was down:

Television Listings. I no longer subscribe to TV Guide. While I may be addicted to the Internet, I have yet to succumb to cable or satellite television. I mean, I’m distracted from my writing enough already. I don’t need 200 more channels to lure me into a zombie state. But I do have my antenna and network and local TV. TV Guide just doesn’t provide listings for local programming any more. So I get my listings online. But not for the last two weeks. (OK, eleven days, but who’s counting?) Goodness only knows what stupid shows I’ve missed…although with the writer’s strike, I’m guessing I didn’t miss anything new.

Movie Times. I intended to catch Sweeney Todd over the weekend. It didn’t happen. But at least now when I do get to go, I can find out what time it’s playing. What? I could call the movie theatre, you say? Ah, yes, the primitive telephone. I keep forgetting…

Answers to my many questions (also known as “research”). What TV show did that actress play in? What is Mom’s new medicine for and what are its side-effects? When is the next Sisters in Crime meeting? It’s amazing how many things I don’t know. But when a question arises, my first reaction any more is to head for the computer and look it up. I may not know the answer, but I know how to find it. Online. For the last two weeks (OK, already. Eleven days) I have felt incredibly uninformed. Inquiring minds want to know.

Blogs. I don’t spend endless hours reading them, but there are a few I keep close tabs on. Working Stiffs for example. The Burgh Blog is another that I check in with regularly. If something happens in Pittsburgh, I need to know Pitt Girl’s take on it.

YouTube. I confess to this occasional guilty pleasure. During my Internet black-out, I spent an afternoon visiting my friend Jessi and she introduced me to this hilarious clip of Jeff Dunham and Achmed the Dead Terrorist. Tasteless, but I laughed until I cried.

Ah, but I’m back now. I have lots of email to catch up on. In fact, if you’ve sent me something during the last two weeks (eleven days, I know, I know), you may just want to resend it. My delete-button finger has been working overtime just to keep my brain from exploding.


Joyce said…
I LOVE Achmed!!!

I keel you!

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