Derby Day

Let me begin by saying that I am the world’s worst handicapper. Generally speaking, the horses I pick are doomed to lose. That’s one of the reasons I no longer bet, especially on friends’ horses.

Having said all that, I’ve spent some time looking over the entrants in this afternoon’s Kentucky Derby and have concluded ANYONE has a shot. Twenty horses on a race track all at the same time running full tilt? It’s nothing short of madness. Add the sloppy weather conditions there and it’s really anybody’s game.

I liked War Pass, but injury has put him out of the race.

My hubby likes to pick long shots and this is his field of dreams. There are at least four 20/1 shots that I think sound promising. Eight Belles, Smooth Air, Cowboy Cal, and Recapturetheglory.

Then there’s Big Brown, listed at 3/1 and Colonel John at 4/1. There’s a lot of talk about Pyro, too. So far I’m not feeling drawn to him. That probably means he’s going to win.

So here goes my pick for win, place, and show: Colonel John (sentimental reasons only…in memory of my dad and my cousin, both Johns and both military men) to win. Then Recapturetheglory and Big Brown.

There you are. Go out and bet on anything but that particular combination, because I’ve just jinxed those three horses.


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