Vacation Pictures

Perhaps you can tell how good a vacation was by how often you had time to blog about it. In that case, I had a VERY good vacation. And I did. However, the fact of the matter is I was too busy to post because we were walking our feet off. Almost literally.

We stayed at one of the Colonial Williamsburg hotels and chose to walk the measly few blocks to reach the historic district rather than drive. There’s a bus that loops around the town, but we didn’t choose to take it until it was too late. I had done something bad to my right foot and could barely hobble.

(We won’t discuss how that gave me a really good excuse to buy four pairs of comfy shoes at the Easy Spirit Outlet Store.)

Lame or not, I had a wonderful time. And took tons of pictures. The weather for the first half of our vacation was gorgeous. On our last day at Williamsburg, the skies turned gray and a light drizzle fell. It felt wonderful after the previous day’s ninety degrees and humid.

We took the tours and enjoyed the sights. We ate fabulous food. It was all that any vacation could be.

The gardens were in full summer bloom, weeks ahead of ours here in Pennsylvania.

On our way home, we stopped to visit friends in Fredericksburg. I wanted to pick up that guest room and bring it home with us. Especially the bed—a four-poster bed that I’ve been lusting after for years. I will now be bugging hubby to build me one in that snazzy little woodworking shop he’s built for himself out back.

We’re home again and need a vacation to recover from our vacation. My foot is doing better, thanks to those new shoes. Skye kitty is keeping a close eye on me so I don’t wander off and get lost again. She’s going to be extremely unhappy when I leave later this week for the Pennwriters Conference.


Joyce said…
Nice pictures! We'll be down in that area the weekend of June 21st. We're picking Andy up at Prince William Forest Park (where he is an NPS Park Ranger for the summer) and heading to Busch Gardens for a day or two.

You and Ray would love Prince William Forest Park. 17,000 acres of piedmont forest right outside of D.C. Not to mention that it's right next door (literally!) to Quantico and the FBI Academy.
kristine said…
Looks like you had a great vacation, Annette! Beautiful pictures.

Have a good time at the conference.

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