The Season's First Trail Ride

I took a break from vacation preparations to go for a trail ride yesterday. The day was as perfect as they come. Not hot, not cold, no bugs. And Admiral behaved as much like a gentleman as he possibly could. There was a bit of head tossing at the beginning. And there was one big spook when something rustled the leaves in the woods when we were on our way back. But for the most part, he minded his manners.

Riding continues to be my best source of relaxation. Yoga comes in a close second. But puttering along a grassy, tree-lined trail on a (reasonably) reliable steed still drains the tension from my soul like nothing else.

Which was a good thing, because today my car is in the shop getting brakes and rotors (whatever those are) repaired. I hope that silences the wicked noise it’s been making lately.

Also, I have pulled out the suitcases and am finishing up the laundry so I have something to put in the suitcases. I’ve decided the house is as clean as it needs to be. Chapter Three is as close to being finished as it’s going to get. Just get me through this day without any stupid vacation curse disasters and I’ll be happy.


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