Pre Vacation To-do List

There is a strange phenomenon that happens prior to a vacation. No, I’m not talking about my previously mentioned bout of homesickness before I even get out the door. I’m talking about the sudden push to totally exhaust myself with tasks that absolutely, positively MUST be completed before anyone gets to go anywhere.

The house must be cleaned. Why? I haven’t a clue. My excuse is that hubby is going camping this weekend, which makes it the perfect opportunity to tidy things up and have them stay that way for more than ten minutes. But in fact, I always think I need to leave a clean house when I go away. Perhaps I mistakenly believe it will still be clean when I get home. Somehow, while this sounds good, it rarely happens. Skye continues to shed. The spiders continue to work on their condominiums in all the corners of the house. Dust bunnies continue to grow at an ungodly rate. Plus, when we come home, we’re going to dump suitcases and dirty laundry in the middle of the floor, so why bother.

The car is making a weird noise that needs to be fixed. Okay, this one is not my department. But with hubby being away this weekend, he will be frazzled on Monday trying to fix the car and get all the grass mowed. When he’s frazzled, I’m frazzled.

And then there’s my self imposed requirement that I complete my first three chapters before I can leave. This doesn’t sound so impossible. I’m already in the middle of the third chapter. But it’s not going all that smoothly. And when you figure in the housecleaning, I’m not going to have a lot of writing time. There’s Monday, but I’ll be dealing with frazzled hubby on Monday.

Alas, some of my work will follow me on my vacation. I still plan on attending Citizens’ Police Academy Monday night. And I still plan on blogging about it on Wednesday. I’m counting on our hotel having Internet access. But somewhere between Monday night and Wednesday morning, between packing and driving and checking in, I have to write the danged thing.

I need a vacation.


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