Farms and Vacations

Not long ago, one of the New York publishing professions coming to the Pennwriters Conference asked my advice about choosing a flight. I responded honestly that I am not the person to ask as you’d be hard pressed to find someone less traveled than I. For me, a big trip is making the three hour drive to Lake Erie and Presque Isle.

The reason for this can be traced back to my upbringing. I was born into a family of farmers. We had cows and chickens and dogs and cats to care for. Once a year, my mom would send my grandfather off to my uncle’s house for a week for a vacation. Only recently have I realized the vacation was hers. She was Grandpap’s caregiver just as I care for her now.

But we still had the animals to feed. We could never ALL leave at the same time.

This week, my friends, Mark and Sara, have taken their kids and gone on a family vacation to South Carolina. This is a big deal for them because they have a farm. They also have me, the friendly neighborhood crittersitter.

There are the cats.

And the dogs. Jill the coonhound would rather have her belly rubbed than eat.

Penny and Copper have way too much energy for their own good.

There are four steers.

That black speck with legs is the newest member of the crew…a reclusive mama cow with a calf.

I’m working on gaining her trust. Progress has been made, but you can’t prove it from this picture. I think her name should be Greta. As in Greta “I vant to be alone” Garbo.

And there are the horses. Nikki…

…and my Admiral.

There are only two silky chickens and one rooster this spring. They pay me in eggs. Yesterday, there were no eggs and I had to have a long talk with the girls. I expect FOUR eggs today.

And there are two tanks of fish in the house, but I didn’t take any pictures of them yet.

I enjoy spending time with the furry, feathered, and finned residents of Mark and Sara’s farm. It’s a nice escape from my office and conference coordinator duties.



Sara said…
Lady, you're that absolute best!
Kind of weird, but neat to get to see photos of everybody while we're away. Pretty cool!
Sorry about the girls being stingy with the eggs! ;)
Give the ponies a kiss for me. ha!
Annette said…
Sara, I do not hold you responsible for the lack of eggs. But I really did give them a firm talking-to yesterday.

Now that the cow is coming down to eat with the boys and I don't have to hike up the mountain to find her, I hope to have more energy to spend with the ponies. I've been plying them with carrots to make up for not brushing them yet.

Enjoy your vacation!
Sara is so lucky to have you for a neighbor and a friend. We are leaving on Thursday for a blacksmith conference, can you come to Missouri to feed our dog?
Annette said…
Sorry, Patti. Sara's got me under contract through this weekend.

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