The First Ride of Spring

Tuesday evening, I was wasting time on Facebook, having completed my day’s allotment of conference work and pages on my manuscript (like that’s the only time I spend on Facebook—yeah, right!) when my cell phone rang. My friend Sara called to ask what I was doing, was I busy, and had I noticed it was nice outside? Oh, and did I want to go riding?

I shut down my computer, changed into grungy jeans, grabbed a slice of cheese and a can of Slim Fast (since I hadn’t had supper yet), and jumped into my car. Five minutes later, Sara and I met in front of her barn.

We’ve both been itchy to get out on horseback. On the days we’ve had time, it’s been cold or raining. On sunny days, there’s always work to be done. Feeling conspiratorial and not at all guilty, we ignored all our usual evening duties (like fixing supper) and saddled up Admiral and Nikki for a ride.

We have no pictures. We were afraid that in the time it would take to secure a camera to the saddle, a husband might appear and suggest we had better things to do than go horseback riding.

Basically, we were getting while the getting was good.

Our first ride of spring was spectacular. The weather was lovely. Not hot, but not cold enough to require a jacket. And no bugs. Admiral behaved perfectly. I’m sure that will change. He’s just forgotten all his silly tricks during the winter lay-off. He’ll remember them all in short order.

On the ridge road we encountered a woman walking her small, fierce poodle thing. The dog wanted to eat the horses. The horses were confused. Why is that cat barking? They’re used to DOGS.

We made it home as darkness settled. Husbands didn’t die of starvation. Mine even fixed his own supper and washed the dishes! I think everyone knew how desperately we NEEDED that ride.


Sara said…
And don't forget Mark put all the tack away!
Score one for the husbands!
Annette said…
Absolutely! Thank you, guys.

Don't suppose they were as glad to see our crabby selves get out in the woods as we were, do ya?
Glenda C. Beall said…
May I say, as an older person who loves horses and rode when I was younger, don't ever miss a chance to ride. Most things can wait, but a nice spring day on a horse is not one of them. Do it now. Congratulations. Husbands who help are special. That is the best way to show love.
Glenda C. Beall said…
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