Sweating the Small Stuff

My dear friend, Paula Matter, is giving me a day off from Working Stiffs, but I still encourage you to check it out. She’s offering sound advice for writing conference attendees and as a past conference coordinator several times over, she knows of what she speaks.

As for me, I’m into the final two weeks of this conference coordinator gig and I’m down to sweating the small stuff. Do we need to purchase another roll of raffle tickets? Do we have everyone’s meal choices in order? (Answer to that one: NO. Come on, folks. Either tell me whether you want chicken, fish or veggie or else you’ll have to eat what we put in front of you!)

One of my tasks for this week has been composing an acknowledgements page for the program. I started it on Monday, but haven’t yet sent it to Carol Silvis, who is putting the thing together. Why? I live in fear of leaving someone out. I have a wonderful team. Some have larger, more visible tasks than others. Some require a huge amount of thanks from me for reminding me (the yoga instructor) to breathe.

The easy way out would be to simply say “Thanks to all who helped. You know who you are.” But that feels like a cop-out. These people deserve to named and recognized for all they’ve done.

So, I’ve made a list. But I won’t send it yet. As soon as I do, I’ll no doubt remember someone else.

And in case you think you’d like to attend, the 2009 Pennwriters Conference will be May 15-17 at the Pittsburgh Airport Marriott. Spaces are still available. Our Friday night keynote speaker will be the incredibly entertaining Lisa Scottoline. Click here to register.


Anonymous said…
Hey, Annette! In the odd chance you do forget to name someone in the program book, take five minutes during the Keynote dinner and ask everyone who helped to stand and be acknowledged. Apologize then in case you did forget someone.

Paula Matter
Annette said…
Yep, Paula, I already planned to do that.

You, by the way, are already on the list.
Anonymous said…
Won't be the first list I've ever been on...


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