The Bathroom Remodel: Part Three

We have a new tub.

Sort of.

Okay, yes, we definitely have a new tub. What we don’t have (yet) is plumbing.

Hubby and his friend Chuck got to work early this morning. My dear, late Grandma Miller always said bad things happened if you worked on Sunday. My grandpap washed his pickup truck on a Sunday once and while backing it into the barn, something went through the back window, breaking it out.

He listened to Grandma after that.

Somewhere up there, Grandma is shaking her finger at us and saying “I told you so.”

The tub went in deceptively easy. The two guys only vaguely resembled a shorthanded version of the Three Stooges. The real trouble began after Chuck went home leaving Hubby to finish the plumbing on his own.

The swearing could be heard for miles around. And there was some very creative use of swear words. Apparently a large part of this plumbing should have been done BEFORE the tub was set in place.


The whole process came to a screeching halt when Hubby made yet another trip to the hardware store only to discover that it had closed early.


So we have a tub. Here’s photographic evidence.

You might notice there are boxes and stuff in it. Right now it’s a big storage chest and not much else.

Perhaps the problems are due to working on Sunday. Or perhaps they’re due to the fact that this is the Dashofy household and nothing ever goes right on the first attempt. It’s sort of a law of nature. Dashofy’s Law.


Sara said…
I am literally cringing as I read it.
You know you've got my sympathy.
Ugh. Still cringing.
Annette said…
And I came home early from vacation for this! At least we had a working bathroom in the camper.
Joyce said…
My hubby hates doing plumbing, yet he's always moving or adding a pipe somewhere. His latest addition is an outdoor shower beside the deck to clean off before he comes inside to get a shower.

Soldering never goes well the first time around, either. The spot where you think is soldered really well is always where it leaks.

Anytime I see him come home with copper pipe, I cringe.
Oh, kitchen and bathroom work is the worst! I had the plumber at my house today for a leak under the kitchen sink. The problem happened on Friday night, but I didn't want to pay for emergency service, so I waited until Monday. It's not fun having your kitchen or bathroom out of order!

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