The Bathroom Remodel: Part Two

The pace of the bathroom remodel picked up a bit. Amazing what a full-blown allergy attack can do to a project. I’m not sure which I’m more allergic to: dust or mold. Either way, it was a rough night.

Hubby is on “vacation” this week. Instead of packing for a return trip to our camp, he spent the morning removing the old tub.

In spite of coughing, runny nose, and swollen eyes, AND in spite of Hubby’s pounding and ripping and swearing, I managed to meet my writing quota before lunch.

At one point, he managed to draw blood. This isn’t unusual for him. The fact that it didn’t require a trip to the emergency room IS a tad unusual. Still he bled quite a bit. On the floor. On the wall. While he was patching up the physical damage with a bandage, I inspected the hole where the tub used to be and commented (perhaps a bit too gleefully) “blood spatter!”

One can find research just about anywhere.

Anyway, the old tub is gone. We’ll be showering at my mother’s this evening.

Before Sara says the bare space in my bathroom looks pretty, let me say, this photo was taken AFTER the walls and floor had been scrubbed down with Clorox.

And then there’s this nifty little hole that opens to the basement.

I’m thinking “laundry chute!”


Sara said…
Oh! I'd forgotten all about Fingers and his propensity for frantic activity resulting in (his own) bloodshed. (No offense to Fingers. Mark can do his fair share of self-maiming.)
I'm glad you've turned it into a positive: 'crime photos.' lol!

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