Rainy Daycation

We took a day trip (I think the new term is daycation) to Presque Isle on Saturday. Apparently, we have as much luck with daycations as we do with vacations.

It rained.

I packed a picnic lunch. We ate it under a pavilion near the beach. It was cold and wet and windy. Instead of potato salad, I should have brought a Thermos of potato soup.

I managed to run out onto the beach to snap a couple of pictures. This first one shows the gray and the fog. It also shows we weren’t the only optimistic fools heading to the lake for the day.

Here’s a quick shot of the windmill. Quick because my camera was getting wet.

I would have taken more pictures, but the longer we stayed, the harder it rained. We gave up and drove home.

Today, I have lots of work planned. Did I mention it’s sunny and warm?


Sara said…
UGH! Don't I know it!

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