Why I Love Book Signings

Friday, while most of this area’s residents were focused on game 7 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs (Yay, Pens!), I was fighting the traffic to make it to Mystery Lovers Bookshop for a book signing for two of my friends and fellow Sisters in Crime.

Kathryn Miller Haines’ latest is Winter in June, a wonderful historical mystery set in 1943 and once again starring aspiring actress Rosie Winter, who is headed to the South Pacific to perform with USO Camp Shows where they encounter surly cast members, inhumane schedules, primitive housing conditions, and a majorly difficult Hollywood star, not to mention a sinister tragedy.

Kathleen George’s new release is The Odds, another of her delicious police procedures which provides vibrant characters and vivid Pittsburgh details.

I love book signings. I know lots of folks don’t understand this. They don’t see the appeal. So here are just a few reasons why you should attend book signings.

1. You can meet and chat with your favorite authors. You may not even know they’re a favorite author yet. I’ve met lots of authors I’ve never heard of before simply by attending a book signing. Many of them have become no only favorite authors, but also favorite people and good friends.

Kathleen George and Kathryn Miller Haines with their new releases.

2. Fabulous food. Where else could you possibly find a yummy spread like this included in the cost of admission (which in this case happens to be FREE).

3. Lots and lots of books! One can never have too many books.

So if you get a chance to attend a book signing this summer, grab it. Good conversation, good food, and books. It just doesn’t get any better.


Sara said…
Boy, does that make me want to curl up in my chair with a book and some snacks! I'm about to revisit Jane Eyre. I just have to figure out what is proper food and drink to read it with.
Annette said…
Jane Eyre? Why tea and scones, of course, darling.

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