Floored again!

It took all day Sunday, but we completed another room. No more stained, dirty, faded, ugly blue shag carpet in the bedroom.

We also moved the furniture around a bit. This totally freaked Skye out for a while, but as you can see, she has located a sunspot on the bed and is happy once again.

This leaves my office, also known as THE BLACK HOLE. I’ve begged and pleaded to put it off until after I finish my first draft and the article I’m working on for Pennsylvania Magazine. If I have to pack up all my mountains of notes and research now, I’ll never find them again.

So I have a momentary reprieve.

Unfortunately, I also still have the stained, dirty, faded ugly blue shag carpet in the office.


Sara said…
I have to admit, I was a little worried about Skye having proper access to a sun spot!! Phew!

Looks soooo nice. Love it.
Annette said…
Sara, don't worry about Skye. I plan to buy a little kitty-sized throw rug that can be moved according to where the sun is hitting.

Not that she's the least bit spoiled.

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