It feels like only a few weeks ago, we were setting up our camp in Confluence. We had some great times there this summer. But this weekend was our last hoorah of 2009. We winterized and closed up the camper until next spring.

But before saying farewell to my new home, we had one last event on the agenda: Confluence’s annual Pumpkinfest.

We arrived too late Friday evening to watch the frog jumping contest. Darn.

Saturday held lots of fun for kids. The wee ones “competed” in the Pedal Power Tractor Pull.

And these youngsters are braver (and less scared of heights) than I.

If you managed to climb all three sides of the wall, you won $100. Me? You’d have to add a few zeroes…QUITE a few…to get me up on that contraption.

This band was pretty good. Thanks to them I’m still humming the tune to American Pie.

If you wanted to take out your frustrations, there was this reject from the defunct Cash for Clunkers program and a sledgehammer. Have at it.

What’s a Pumpkinfest without BIG pumpkins?

Hey, if Linus is still looking for the Great Pumpkin, I know where he can find him!

My “job” for the weekend was to grab some photos of the Tough Man Fire Engine Pull for a potential article for Pennsylvania Magazine. These guys have more brawn than brains, if you ask me.

Hubby took some time away from the festival to try out his new fishing pole. He didn’t realize I was shooting pictures of him catching his first fish with that pole. If he had, he’d have turned around so I could see the darned fish!

Sunday morning, we took the bikes out. Here are a couple of scenes along the trail.

After our ride, we veered back into town to see the car show.

I loved this one. It’s a ’55 Chevy just like my grandfather had. Well, his was green…

This creation caught my eye, too!

And Hubby wants this one for Christmas.

Yeah, honey. You keep on wishing.

Summer is now officially over. See you next spring, Confluence!


Sara said…
I'm only a little sad that we were stuck at home instead of at the Pumpkinfest!
OK, more than a little sad!
That looks like it was a blast! And at least 2 out of my 3 kids would've made an easy 100 bucks climbing that wall!
Awesome reporting!
Annette said…
Sara, you and the kids would have LOVED it. And there were a couple of pig roaster/barbecue rigs set up. Maybe next year Mark can set up shop and the rest of us can enjoy the festivities.

As for the climbing wall, what I didn't show was the "hard" side. The toe-holds were spaced much further apart and there was an outcrop to deal with. They weren't giving away a lot of cash, let me tell you.

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