Working Stiffs Wednesday

After last week's big announcement of reaching "The End" of my first draft, the days that have followed have been rather low key. Which is my excuse for not having posted anything here yet this week. My brain has shifted into neutral. Or gone into hybernation for the winter, even though it's not at all cold. Yet.

So after staring at a blank screen for most of yesterday afternoon, I finally decided to dust off one of my favorite rants and update it, courtesy of those two Northwest Airlines pilots. The result is posted over at Working Stiffs, because it is my day to blog there.


VR Barkowski said…
I'm off to check out Working Stiffs, Annette. But before I go wanted to remind you that after typing "the end," you are allowed to slip into neutral for at least two weeks. Check it out — it's in the Rules for Writers manual. ;-)

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