Photo Friday: Tiny Hunter

Within the last few days a family of stray cats including this kitten have moved into our barn. I've been trying to capture some photos of them and yesterday afternoon, I found this little tuxedo baby hiding under the Farmall tractor with a mole. It gave a tiny little growl to warn me off, as if I might want to steal it's prize. No thank you.


Joyce said…
That kitty is so cute!!!
Annette said…
Joyce, I don't suppose Layla wants a friend, does she?
Joyce said…
I'm sure she'd love one, but I've managed to talk her out of it so far.
Love the eyes on that kitten. Very ferocious. I'm so glad to have discovered your blog!

Annette said…
Thanks, Elspeth. Yes, I love the eyes, too. There's a bit of terror there, as well, but he/she (I haven't gotten close enough to determine which) is determined to hold her ground. And her dinner!

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