Katz Family Update

I’m not sure if they’re stuck here because of the snow or if they’ve decided to take up permanent residence, but the four members of the Katz family who returned from their last disappearing act have remained.

I’ve learned a little about them, too. Three of them are girls. One is a boy. This means if they stay, we’re going to have a bunch of kittens in the spring. Oy.

This is Fleck.

I’ve named her because of the speck by her nose. She’s the leader of the pack and the most gregarious.

She’s even proved brave enough to venture into my basement while I’m getting their food ready.

Here are the other three coming to see what’s taking so long.

That’s Pip in front. She’s getting big! Behind her is Little Boy. Yes, I know, the names aren’t very creative. But these are basically wild little beasts, so I’m trying to not get too attached. Anyhow, the third kitty hanging back by the barn is Hissy. Want to guess how she comes by her name? She’s the wildest of the bunch and hisses at me each and every time I go to the barn to feed them. She even swats at my hand when I’m pouring the food in the pans. Not soft paw either. The little bugger drew blood one time.

I often end up feeding a fifth kitty named Mooch. I don’t know his real name, but he belongs to the neighbors. However, he frequently shows up at feeding time, rubbing all over me and telling me HE will allow me to pet him (unlike the other four). He’s a very handsome boy who is determined to trip me one of these days. I don’t have a picture of him yet. He was absent for this particular photo shoot.

I still wonder whatever became of the torte and the black and white tuxedo kitten. I like to think they’re with another family who is wondering, “whatever became of those other four cats that used to visit.”


Jemi Fraser said…
They really are cuties aren't they?
Annette said…
They certainly are. Pip is absolutely adorable. She runs up to me and meows so cute. I just want to hug her. But when I reach down to even pet her, she ducks and runs away, only to stop about ten feet away and meow again. Such a tease!
VR Barkowski said…
I realize these are barn kitties, but I cannot believe they're voluntarily in the snow! My Sofie lives on the heat register all winter long.

And honestly, I am totally enamored of Pip. She's adorable
Annette said…
VR, this morning I was watching from my bedroom window as they played in the snow, chasing little snowballs as if they were mice.

As for Pip, if I can ever catch her, you're welcome to her. I'd love to find homes for them.
Mason Canyon said…
They are all so lovely. Great photos of them.

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