Photo Friday: Chair Tampering

Skye is rather fond of sharpening her claws on furniture. Oh, she loves her scratching post. She just likes to spread the wealth around. My office chair (okay, HER office chair) is a favorite target. In an attempt to deter her, I stuck two-sided sticky tape on the spot she had shredded. She has since been picking at it with her teeth, trying to peel the offending stuff OFF HER CHAIR. This photo shows her opinion of my feeble efforts.

The tape has since been removed. I know when I'm beat.


Jemi Fraser said…
LOL :) Cats do tend to make and follow their own rules!
Annette said…
I've always said you can only train a cat to do something it wants to do anyway. But, wow, are they good at training us!!!
SaeKato said…
Haha, aren't cats always like that? :P
I always try to hate them for what they are doing.. but they are SO cute! You cant be sereously angry. :)
Sara said…
Ain't she cute!

With any of the many cats I've lived with, I think the only sure fire way of getting them to quit scratching furniture would have been to put a proper scratching post in that location. They always snubbed the proper scratching posts.
We're still sitting on a Helen-shredded couch!

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