Photo Friday: Meet Mooch

Mooch is not really a member of the Katz family. He belongs to my neighbors. But he’s a regular visitor these days. He’s less interested in the food than in being cuddled.

Here he is leading Fleck and Pip into my basement to do a little snooping. He’s a handsome and charming guy.

And he does yoga. Downward Facing Cat.

Here’s a shot of everyone at chow time. That's Hissy (anyone want to guess how she got her name?) and Pip at the pan closest to the camera.

And because sunshine is a rare commodity these days, I’ve thrown in a couple of shots of the fields surrounding my house.


Jemi Fraser said…
Great photos! Love the yoga-cat :)
Becky said…
Mooch looks like Georgie minus the Madonna mole. I always thought Georgie was a beautiful cat.
Sara said…
Mooch looks soft! :) They're all so pretty! Er, and handsome!
Annette said…
Jemi, Mooch also does Upward Facing Cat.

Becky, I hadn't thought of it, but I guess he does look like Georgie.

Sara, Mooch isn't nearly as soft as Skye, but he's definitely handsome. And he knows it!

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