Photo Friday: Snow

This is what's left of my grandparents' farmhouse. I've posted photos of it here before, but the falling snow gives it an ever eerier feel than usual.


VR Barkowski said…
Stunning photograph, Annette. There's a haunting lonliness about the scene that reminds me of a Caspar David Friedrich painting.
Mason Canyon said…
Love the photo. It could lead to such interesting stories and ghostly tales.
Annette said…
VR, I don't know how much of my story you've read on the critique group, but this is Zoe's house. Only in the story, it's still in its prime. I grew up in this house, so it breaks my heart to see it like this. I keep my memories of it alive in my writing.

And, yes, Mason, this house has inspired all kinds of tales.
VR Barkowski said…
I remember the marvelous photographs you posted on Working Stiffs - so poignant! I can't imagine how hard it must be to watch a home that holds so many lovely memories fade away before your eyes.
Annette said…
VR, I only have to look at it half of the year. The other half, the trees are in leaf and I can't see it. :-(

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