Better Than a Vacation

Last week over at Working Stiffs, I announced my intention to take a Mental Health Week. In honesty, it won’t be an entire week, but beginning this evening, I’m unavailable.

Seriously. I’ve learned to say NO.

Or at least I’ve learned to put things off until NEXT week. Then I will no doubt pay for my downtime.

But I’ll worry about that on Monday.

Here’s the plan. I will not solve any problems, divert any disasters, or do any favors. Don’t ask me. I may not even answer the phone. Leave a message. I’ll get back to you.

What I WILL do is write and read with intervals of walking and napping and playing with the cats.

Personally, I think this Mental Health Week thing is way better than a vacation. No packing. No traffic.

So I’m putting up the Do Not Disturb sign. See you later!


Clarissa Draper said…
*standing ovation*

Lisa D. Kastner said…
This is an excellent idea. I SOOO need to do this.
Lisa D. Kastner said…
I soooo need to do this. What a fantastic idea.

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