Kensi and Skye Update

Skye has yet to embrace the idea of having a little sister, but at least she tolerates Kensi's presence.

"Tolerates" is definitely as good as it gets.

Meanwhile, Kensi loves being the center of attention and fancies herself a fashion model. Break out the camera and she strikes a pose.

At least Bernard the Polar Bear doesn't mind snuggling with her.


Mason Canyon said…
They are getting more adorable by the day. Such great photos of them.

Thoughts in Progress
Jemi Fraser said…
The moods of the cats certainly come through the photos! :)
Annette said…
Thanks, Mason and Jemi.

Skye has always had a beautifully expressive face. Kensi's eyes definitely reflect her progression from sad, lonely, and subdued to open, curious, and totally fearless.

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