Sibling Rivalry

I’m not sure exactly what I expected when I brought the new kitten into the house, but what I got was one very stressed out Skye kitty. Kensi the kitten was fine. Happy-go-lucky. Fearless. But Skye, the previously only child, was intimidated by the newbie. She’d growl and hiss and slink away. She spent most of one day hiding in the bedroom.

Okay, I adore Kensi, but not to the detriment of poor Skye. And the more Skye tried to avoid the kitten, the more the kitten seemed determined to make Skye love her by lurking as close to her as possible.

By Friday, Skye was doing better. At least she tolerated Kensi being in the same room with her, but she still seemed terrified of the little thing. So any idea I had of taking Kensi with us camping this weekend was scrubbed. I arranged a kittensitter (thanks, Sara!) and left Kensi home while Skye went with us for a grownups-only trip to the camp in Confluence.

Immediately, my sweet-tempered Skye kitty returned. She relaxed and enjoyed watching the chipmunks outside the camper. She snuggled with me in bed all night. No little furry brat to contend with. I think she dreaded coming home.

I know I did.

What was I going to do if things went back to Square One upon our return?

But apparently the time away with us was just what Skye needed to convince her she still belonged in the family. She wasn’t being replaced by the little furball. She simply had to deal with an addition to the family.

Instead of hissing and growling and slinking away on her belly, Skye now hisses and growls and takes a threatening step TOWARD the kitten. Nothing more than one step. But it tells Kensi who’s the boss. And Kensi then leaves Skye alone and goes back to torturing her toys.

I’ve been heaping loads of praise on Skye for standing her ground, too. Kensi needs to learn the ropes. And it’s a big sister’s duties to help teach them.


Mason Canyon said…
They can act so much like children at times, you can't help but laugh. Sounds like after a weekend of 'grown-up' time things are on the right track. Best of luck. Have a great Labor Day.

Thoughts in Progress
Jemi Fraser said…
I'm so glad it's going better! Those pictures sure tell the tale! Good luck :)

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