Another Week, Another To-Do List

And it’s Monday again. Last week I proclaimed my goal of creating the dreaded blurb for my query letter and website.

Done. Sort of. I’ve written, rewritten, and rewritten it over and over. But I’ve settled on one version. For now. Basically, I’m just too exhausted by the process to look at it any longer.

So I’ve checked that one off my to-do list.

But it’s Monday and time for a new list and a new set of priorities for the week. I have so many irons in the fire right now that I’m having a great deal of difficulty picking one to focus on.

I have another article due to Pennsylvania Magazine. There’s the current fiction work in progress (and a critique meeting on Thursday for which I have nada to offer at this point). I’m thinking of pulling out one of my old unpublished manuscripts and giving it another polish. And there’s the rest of the query package to go with the “completed” blurb. Maybe I should throw them all in a hat and just pick one.

Nah. That’s too simple.

Decision made: First priority for today is the WIP so that I can have something to show at the critique group. After that?

Anyone have a hat?


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