Photo Friday: Smoke and Fire

We visited Meadowcroft last weekend. This is one of my favorite places on earth, and I have a long history with them, from designing and helping to make the Meadowcroft Quilt that hangs in their visitor center to writing an article about them for Pennsylvania Magazine a few years back.

This time we were there for a weekend devoted to Native American history. Especially interesting was this guy who demonstrated fire starting.

First there was smoke.

And then there was more smoke.
And finally...



Mason Canyon said…
Isn't that amazing. I watched a Native American do that at a local Pow Wow one year. Meadowcroft sounds like an interesting place.

Thoughts in Progress
Annette said…
Mason, both my husband and I can start fires with flint and steel, but this guy was doing it the REALLY old way: basically rubbing two sticks together. I was impressed!

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