The Case of the Missing Birdie

Two weeks ago, I brought home some new cat toys for Skye and Kensi. As I expected, Kensi took possession of all of them. Mine, all mine. Sharing is not one of her strong suits.

Her favorite of the toys, without a doubt, is a small chirpy bird. You touch it, and it chirps. You move it the slightest little bit, and it chirps. Lifelike, real bird chirps.

What was I thinking?

Yes, it will drive you to drink. But Kensi loves it. It’s her constant companion. One moment, it’s her prey. The next, it’s her baby.

And then it disappeared.

Hubby swore he didn’t hide it. I know I didn’t. If Kensi did, she couldn’t remember where she put it.

I learned that Kensi understands some English. When I’d ask her “where’s your birdie?” she’d become distraught. Frantic, she’d search all her favorite toy-hiding spots. With a flashlight, I helped, looking under the bed, the couch, the chair, the armoire…

No birdie.

The birdie flew the coop.

For two days, Kensi gave me the sad face. Her favorite toy was gone. “Make it come back, Mom.”

The really bad news was that I had anticipated something like this (only I figured she’d wear it out or the chirper would break—not necessarily a bad thing) and had tried to buy a spare chirpy bird. But the store was sold out. Looking at that sad little kitty, I was suddenly plotting a store-to-store search for a new one.

Do they have chirpy birds on eBay?

But then yesterday morning, there it was! On the floor at the foot of the bed. I have no idea where it had been or how it got there (Skye???). Kensi didn’t care. Her birdie was back!

As luck would have it, I also found more of them at the store. They must have restocked a high-demand item. Yes, I bought another one to keep as a spare. Just in case the old one decides to fly the coop again.

Or in case Skye steals it again.

I’d wondered why she seemed so smug the last few days…


Becky said…
Speaking of your two kitties did Ray tell you Skye came up to me and let me pet her? I also got to pet Kensi but I went to her. I understand that this is rare when it comes to Skye.
Annette said…
Yes, he did tell me. And it's not so rare for Skye. She'll let women pet her. She doesn't much care for men, though. Probably more rare that Kensi let you touch her. She's a big chicken around folks she doesn't know.

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