Kensi's First Camping Trip

As I mentioned last week, Confluence beckoned. And we responded. We spent the last two days at our camp.

It wasn’t a vacation. It was more of a test—seeing how certain new components worked out. Hubby had torn out our old lumpy, mushy bed and redid the thing. New plywood. New mattress. New covering. It worked out pretty well. I think it’ll be much better for our backs and sleep in general.

I say “I think” because I couldn’t swear by it. Not this weekend. There was no sleep for me regardless of the new bed…because of the other new component.


If you followed this blog at all over the last couple of years, you already know that Skye is a wonderful camping kitty. She loves it. Travels well. No fuss, no muss, no bother.

We went and messed up our lovely, drama-free camping home by adding one small cat to the mix.

Kensi meowed the entire two-hour drive to Confluence. Also, the entire two-hour drive home. In between, she explored. In less than two days, she found nooks and crannies and hidey-holes that Skye never bothered with in two years.

I only brought “quiet” toys with us, so Kensi found new toys that made lots of racket at 2AM. The strainer/drain plug from the kitchen sink makes quite a bit of noise when batted around the floor. So does the small plastic level we keep on a shelf in the kitchen. And then there was a stray spoon someone left out on the counter.

We won’t even discuss how she strummed the window blinds as though they were guitar strings.

All. Night. Long.

She had tons of fun.

The rest of us? Not so much.

It could be an interesting summer at Camp Dashofy in Confluence.


Sherry said…
Take it from me, Annette. Adding a new "child" is always "interesting".
Annette said…
Frankly, I could use a little less "interesting" when I'm trying to sleep. I'm thinking maybe a glass of wine. For me, not the cat.
Mason Canyon said…
Hopefully Kensi will be more comfortable the next time and life will be more relaxing.

Thoughts in Progress
Annette said…
Mason, other than the trip in the car, Kensi seemed perfectly comfortable. TOO comfortable, maybe.

I just hope that once the weather warms and we can leave the windows and door open, she'll be less bored with all the new smells to sniff through the screens.

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