Preparing for Spring--Weather Permitting

It snowed yesterday. This is hardly news. Winter roared in here December 1st and has refused to budge an inch. For months, all plans come with the disclaimer “weather permitting.”

This morning I took a long hard look at the calendar. It’s April for heaven’s sake!

Something clicked in my brain. It was audible. CLICK. It’s spring. Snow be damned.

Okay, I’m also the person who, on day two of a head cold, is convinced I’ll be completely better by day four. Never. Happens.

But today I’m in that kind of mindset where spring is concerned. I’m making plans to head to my beloved camp in Confluence…next week.

I’ve decided the weather will be better by then. Just like day four of a head cold.

The weather isn’t the only obstacle, however. We currently have no bed at the camp. And we tore the plumbing apart before we left last October.

The bed has long been a source of pain and annoyance for us. Neither Hubby nor I have the best backs in the world. We both had too much fun in our younger days. (Who said “if I’d have known I was going to live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself”?) While I love our camper and its location, I’ve long hated that bed. It’s too mushy. Plus, since it’s in a camper, it’s really a futon kind of thing. Couch during the day. Bed at night. And where it hinges… Owww. Think the Princess and the Pea times twenty.

So Hubby brought the futon/couch/bed home this winter and dissembled it. He’s added plywood where there were once flimsy, saggy springs. We bought a bolt of upholstery fabric from the sale bin at JoAnn Fabrics. Now we’re waiting for the foam I ordered to come in.

When I announced my intentions this morning to head to the camp next week, Hubby’s eyes glazed over. He has since left the house on a quest for plumbing fixtures.

Did I mention this first trip to the camp will be a working vacation? More work than vacation.

There are some other minor tidbits I need to take care of before we go. I need to take Kensi to be microchipped. I also need to get a new collar and ID tags for her. Not to mention a second cat carrier.

I vaguely remember a fantasy I had about Skye and Kensi sharing one cat carrier. Ha! No, I’m not prepared for that kind of adventure. They’ll each have their own.

Yes, it’s going to be a frantic week. And an even more frantic trip. But once we get the bed and the plumbing and the cat situations all sorted out, I’ll be set for the season. After all, I already bought the new laptop. I’m ready!


Weather permitting.


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