Come and Find Me by Hallie Ephron

Spring sprung yesterday. And just in time. Last time Hallie Ephron came to town, we had a blizzard!

But the sun came out along with temperatures in the 80s for her visit to Mystery Lovers Bookshop yesterday.

I’ve been a huge fan for years, and Hallie’s new suspense novel, Come and Find Me, sounds incredible. I can’t wait to dig in. It’s about a computer security expert and reformed hacker, who hasn’t ventured out of her home in over a year, following a devastating personal tragedy. However, she still functions quite well from her home in her pajamas, taking care of business courtesy of the Internet and a virtual world. That is until her sister goes missing, forcing her back into the real world to face her personal demons.

As a wannabe computer geek (who is, in reality, very far from it), I’m already hooked.

Me, Hallie, and Mary Alice Gorman of Mystery Lovers Bookshop


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