Ahhh, sleep!

After being on a 36 hour buzz, Skye kitty has finally demonstrated that she is indeed a cat. She does sleep. And she has begun to let us sleep, too.

Night two with the new family member found me so beat that I slept for a solid eight hours. I don’t know if Skye quieted down or if I was so exhausted that I tuned her out. Probably a little of both.
Yesterday, she finally crashed and snoozed most of the day. Which meant she was wide awake most of last night. And, yes, she talked. But she didn’t really keep me awake. I did jump up at one point when I heard a crash. However, I have yet to find the source of the crash. Skye gave me the innocent “I didn’t do it” look and nothing seems out of place. Oh, well.

She finally quieted down when I invited her to join us in bed. She spent the pre-dawn hours snuggled between my husband and me.

She’s still a very busy girl when she’s awake, always looking for something to get into. Or out of. Yesterday, she decided that she wanted to go outside. She was determined. I was even more determined that she was NOT. Skye would perch near the door and wait for one of us to go in or out and then she darted for the storm door that drifted closed a bit too slow. I blocked her escape several times until hubby finally adjusted the speed that the door closed. Now it doesn’t give her a chance to slip out. And for the moment at least, she’s given up on that goal.

She’s very smart. Too smart. Aluminum foil on the kitchen countertops quickly discouraged her attempts to get up there, but she keeps an eye on that foil. Is it still there? Yes? OK, I won’t jump up there then. Two-sided sticky tape on my office chair put an end to its appeal as a scratching post, but I later caught Miss Smarty Pants peeling it off with her teeth!

She’s keeping me on my toes, this one. But we are definitely bonding. I can see trust in her eyes that wasn’t there a couple of days ago. And I am feeling a smile in my heart that hasn’t been there in a long time. There is life in this house again. Even if it is in the form of a furry livewire.


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