Nothing's Ever Easy

I’ve spent the last two days in veterinarians’ and doctors’ offices hearing not the greatest news. Nothing horrible or life-threatening, mind you. Just not the “all’s right with the world” news that one always hopes for.

Yesterday morning, I took Skye for her first post-adoption vet check-up. It seems her gums are terribly inflamed and she’s missing a few of her little front teeth. So I’ve scheduled a full dental cleaning and exam for her. Hopefully that clears it up. Otherwise, the doc wants to do bloodwork to check for something called Bartonella, which I’d never heard of before. The good news is that it’s treatable with some heavy duty antibiotics. Hey, after what I went through with Sammie’s mouth, I’ll happily do whatever it takes. At least it IS treatable.

And Little Miss Skye was a perfect angel at the vets. Didn’t even protest when the tech trimmed her nails.

Now for the other less-than-good news. My mom had her post-op check-up this morning and x-rays show that her hip has dislocated. At least she’s not in any pain, but we go back to the hospital on Monday for more surgery to fix it. She’s a bit on the depressed side about it, but I’m taking her some surprise guests to visit this weekend. I’m taking Patty with me tomorrow. Mom has no idea, so it should be fun. Sunday, I’m taking my aunt (Mom’s sister) with me…also a surprise. Hopefully, the visitors will distract her from her problems for while.

Nothing’s ever easy around here, it seems. But I’m keeping a positive outlook. Both Mom and Skye will eventually be fine. THAT’s what I’m focusing on.


Kristine said…
I'm so sorry, Annette. Keep your spirits up! You've proved yourself to be an extremely strong person.

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