You know you're too busy when...

Last night, hubby called from work to say, “Guess what? I’m on vacation tomorrow and Friday.” And sure enough, there is was on the calendar.

You know you’re too busy when you forget about having vacation days.

We have to turn in hubby’s vacation request form in January. On one hand, it’s nice to dream about vacation days when you’re knee deep in snow. On the other hand, it’s darned hard to be realistic about what you plan on doing eight or nine months down the road. Let’s face it, if I’d have know back then what all was about to transpire in 2007…well, I’m not sure what I’d have done. Crawling under a rock wouldn’t have changed anything. There was just no escaping it.

Anyhow, I have no idea what we were thinking about, what plans we imagined when we selected September 13 and 14 as vacation days.

As of yesterday, Mom is back at the Washington County Health Center. And as of yesterday, I have a cold. So the idea of a vacation sounds good, but I’m not sure about the reality of it. Perhaps we’ll throw the bikes on the back of the car and head to Ohiopyle after having lunch with Mom.

And in case any of you are wondering about the new kitty, Skye is doing fine. She was a bit crabby yesterday…in a kind of “don’t touch me” mood. But whatever was bugging her seems to be gone today because she’s acting very apologetic for her bad temper and is snuggly and cuddly once again. I have discovered that we tend to annoy each other at times. One of my quirks is that I keep picking and fussing over things like dirty ears, eye boogers, and the like. One of Skye’s quirks is that she doesn’t like to be fussed over and picked at. So I’m trying to lay off.

Here’s a picture of Skye in her grocery bag cave. Now, I’m outta here. After all, I’m on vacation.


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