More Than I Ever Wanted to Know

As a writer, research is a big part of my life. Sometimes intentionally, sometimes not. Very often, life experience brings me a certain level of expertise that I’d rather not have. Because of my dad, I learned more than I ever wanted to know about cardiovascular disease, dementia, and the extreme amounts of paperwork involved in the medical assistance process.

My cousin has given me a look at brain injury and its after-effects.

I am now an expert on squamous cell carcinoma and administering medications to cats courtesy of my dear, sweet Sammie.

Now, I know a lot more terminology about hip surgery than I ever cared to learn. For instance, we all know about hip replacement surgery. But did you know that when a hip replacement is replaced, it’s called a hip revision? I learned that a few weeks ago when my mom had one. Now I also know that the procedure to put a dislocated hip back in is called a reduction. When done without cutting, it’s a closed reduction. If surgery is required, it’s an open reduction.

I’m relieved to report that Mom only needed the closed variety today.

I also have a new appreciation for the term “pulling my leg.” Apparently, Dr. Ray had to do quite a bit of leg pulling with my mom, but succeeded in wrestling the wayward ball into the fragile socket and for now, all is well. If we can just keep her from dislocating again for six weeks, we’ll be in better shape.

Why do I suspect that it’s going to be a long six weeks?


Joyce said…
I'm glad your mother only had to have a closed reduction. My sister is having knee replacement surgery today, which is probably a little harder to dislocate than a hip.

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