Vacation Countdown

Six days until we leave for Williamburg. I am soooo looking forward to this vacation. For me getting away usually comes in one of two forms: camping which includes the uncomfortable bed in our tag-along trailer and cooking and washing dishes. OR a hotel at some sort of writing or yoga event. Nice, but a working vacation is still work.

So the idea of staying in a hotel, eating out, and just having fun has a lot of appeal at the moment.

I know myself too well, though. I know that by this weekend I’ll be dealing with homesickness. I’ve written about that phenomenon here before: I get homesick BEFORE I leave home. Not so much WHILE I’m gone. But I dread leaving my kitty. When we had Sammie, I knew all about her separation anxiety and I suffered from it, too. Now I have Skye who came to me from a shelter after being abandoned and who has bonded to me as if with Superglue. I suspect she’s going to be traumatized by my absence. Never mind that I have arranged for my friend, Sara, to come and feed and visit her daily. I fear that she’s going to miss me. A lot.

Revenge? I hope not. Cats can do things in an empty house that I’d rather not think about. But I hope she doesn’t give me the cold shoulder/guilt trip thing when I get home.

What makes it worse is that I’ll be home for four days before I leave again for the Pennwriters Conference.

Well, I refuse to think about it. I may be wrong anyway. She may not give a darn that I’m gone as long as she has her bed (WE think it’s OUR bed…silly humans) and food and water. I may be putting way too much value on my own presence in her world.

For now I’m just counting down the days until I can head south for a real non-working vacation.

Also, I’m over at Working Stiffs today. I played hooky from Citizens’ Police Academy. Only one event could keep me away and that’s the Festival of Mystery. So I’ve posted a photo album of sorts on it. Come over and check it out.


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