Another Manic Monday

Both hubby and I are back to work today. It took me all morning, but I got caught up on some Pennwriters stuff: submissions for the newsletter and monthly local area news announcements. Tonight, I’m giving a presentation to our local Sisters in Crime chapter. Am I prepared for it? Heck no. I’ll be cramming all afternoon.

I had a busy, but pleasant, weekend. Friday night, I attended fellow Sister in Crime Heather Terrell’s launch party for The Map Thief. It sounds intriguing. So much so that it has been bounced to the top of my to-be-read list.

That’s my friend, Mike Crawmer, getting Heather to sign his copy.

Saturday, we headed to Ohiopyle for a day of bike riding.

We also drove over to Confluence to select and reserve our campsite for next year. I see this as my future hideaway for making deadlines. No cell phone service. No Internet service. But there is electricity for the laptop.

By the way, you can’t tell from this picture, but I really am having fun.

Sunday, our niece was married in a lovely ceremony. Since my days of being a wedding photographer are long past, I pretty much break out in hives at the idea of snapping wedding pictures. But this one of the groom tidying up the bride after the cake eating (no smashing, thank goodness) turned out rather nice.

And now I must prepare my notes for tonight’s meeting. DO NOT DISTURB!


Kristine said…
Great pictures, Annette!

Sounds like a great weekend--a book party, bike ride and a wedding. Whew! I'm tired just thinking about it all.

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