The Call (No, not THAT one)

At last! The call came. No, not the call from my agent telling me there has been an offer made on my book. (Rats). This call came from the heating and air conditioning people letting me know that our backordered heat pump is ready to be installed.

Not as exciting as a call from my agent, but pretty huge news nonetheless.

So the installation begins tomorrow and concludes on Monday. I had to do a bit of rescheduling to permit me to be here for the process. But the calendar has been cleared and I’m ready.

Of course, the weather forecast is for autumn-like temperatures for the near future. Today I’m sweltering. It’s not especially hot. Just humid. To run the window AC units or not to run the window AC units? That is the question. With money tight, I’m trying to suffer through it. But the next hot flash could quickly alter my resolve.

I try not to think about how lovely a touch of whole-house air conditioning would be on a day like today. I try. But it’s not working. I’m almost hoping for a September heatwave.

There is one other side effect of the upcoming installation process. While I need to be here, I don’t really have much to do with the actual work. Answer a question here and there, etc. But otherwise, I’m free to write. Yay!

I did write one whole page yesterday. It always takes me some time to relocate the thread of the story where I’d last dropped it. Since I wasn’t able to put any time or much thought into it for the last week, I mostly stared at the page, pondering where was I going with this, anyhow??? I may get it sorted out and another page or two done today. But tomorrow? Look out.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

By the way, hubby is mending and is back to work on light duty. Which is the only reason I managed to get even one page done yesterday.


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