Camping Kitty: Part Two

The task of “training” Skye to camp continues. It begins with trying to figure out how the darned harness goes on. While I’m doing that, its bell jingles, alerting Skye to the impending training session. At that point, she bolts.

Next, I drag her from under the bed and restrain her while putting the harness on and getting the stubborn closure to snap in place. Then, I scoop her up and take her out to the camper.

Day Two, she continued the crouch-and-stretch-the-neck routine.

I took some writing with me to edit, so I sat and worked while she did as much exploring as she could without moving very far.

For the record, she CAN walk in that harness. She can even run. I’ve seen it. But you’d think her legs were broke when she’s wearing it in the camper.

Eventually, I picked her up and plopped her onto the couch beside me. There, she lay down and appeared to relax.

Day Three was an abbreviated session. It began with the same harness-and-hiding game. But this time, she just sat on the couch and showed no interest in exploring. Not that there’s much to explore. The camper isn’t that big.

Hopefully, with daily trips to the camper, she’ll become comfortable in those surroundings. I know actually MOVING it to a new location is going to be stressful, too, but hopefully she’ll feel safe in “her” camper by the time that happens next week.


Anonymous said…
don't forget ear plugs. Our five-pound cat screams at the top of her lungs--and that's just getting out of the garage...
Annette said…
Doris, Skye travels pretty well. Just chirps a little here and there. HOWEVER, I may need the ear plugs during the night.
Kathleen said…
Oh...poor Skye is looking worried. I hope she becomes a happy camper for you.

How is the air conditioner working? It was HOT today and I'm sure you tried it out.

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