Camping Kitty: Part Three

The almost daily visits to the camper have become ho-hum. Skye doesn’t duck under the bed anymore when she hears the jingle of the bell on her harness. Once we’re inside the camper, she settles into the couch to watch me. Yesterday, I slammed cupboard doors as I rearranged the kitchen a bit. Skye didn’t care. She still isn’t exactly “relaxed” in her new home-away-from-home. But she isn’t completely freaked out by it either.

We have a couple more days to “practice” camping before the real thing.

My biggest fear, of course, is that she’ll escape from the camper somehow. We have made alterations to the screen door so it can be latched from both inside and out and it now has a spring on it to snap it shut behind us. And Skye doesn’t seem all that interested in trying to get out. But I’m a born worrier and this is the worry du jour.

At least she’ll be with us. When I leave her at home, I have a whole list of unknowns that I worry about.


Kathleen said…
I'm sure you'll be an over-protective kitty mommy, which is a very good thing, and make certain she doesn't slip out of the camper. Good luck and have fun!

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