Somehow in the course of my hectic days, I’ve managed to write 106 pages of my shitty first draft.

It should be finished by now. Finished, polished, and shipped to my agent.

However, I am working on the conference. I am attending Pennwriters meetings. I am teaching yoga classes. I am taking Mom to doctors’ and dentists’ appointments or to shop for groceries.

Other small items on my to-do list: Organize the drawer full of receipts that has gotten way out of hand. Clean the house. Weed the flower bed. Pay bills.

Instead, what do I find myself doing? Playing on Facebook.

Just what I need. Yet another distraction. I already maintain a website (not really. I have a wonderful webmaster for that), a blog, a page at CrimeSpace. I contribute to the Working Stiffs blog and attempt to follow a few others. Keyword there: ATTEMPT.

So when I was invited to join Facebook, I should have deleted the email and never looked back. Instead, I’m hooked. I do turn down most offers to accept new applications (more distractions). However, I have gotten sucked into a couple that are way too easy to spend way too much time on. I have a Sea Garden. Don’t ask. I have a Li’l Green Patch, which is a virtual garden of goofy vegetation. If I spent half as much time on my REAL garden as I spend on that stupid thing, it might not be overgrown with weeds.

It’s an addiction. As soon as I post this, I’ll be checking in over there to find out what everyone is doing right now. Quick! Someone call Facebook Anonymous! My name is Annette and it’s been 12 hours since I visited Facebook…


Joyce said…
I've been putting off the Facebook thing. I will check it out someday, but right now I need to concentrate on my WIP. I spend too much time on blogs as it is. I tell myself I'm networking. Yeah, that's it. Networking.

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